Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Echo the Cat

Hello everybody! Today's story is about a beautiful cat! Enjoy! <3

There once was a cat called Echo. He was a beautiful, sleek, black cat. He lived in a home with his owner, Mary. She was an old lady who lived by herself with only Echo as company. He was a very social cat, and every time someone would come, he would come up to them and say hi. One night he was wandering around, doing whatever - sleeping, eating, playing with his toys - and there was a noise at the door. He looked up and sniffed. Then ran over to the door in excitement! People!!! He sat there patiently as they fiddled around with the lock. The door opened, and he curved around the people meowing loudly. The burglars, for that was what they were, kicked at him. Echo was confused. People he knew petted him and fed him and told him what a good cat he was. Disgruntled, he ran off to find Mary. Patting her and meowing, he woke her up. "What is this Echo! It's 3AM! Please stop bothering me!" she exclaimed. He ran back and forth between the bed and the door violently. "OK, I'll feed you honey." She slowly got up and went to the door. From down the hall she heard one of the robbers whisper, "OK, go check out the bedroom down there." Scared, Mary went to her beside table and picked up the phone. She called 911 and then went into the bathroom to wait, because she figured that the burglars would not be interested in it. The police came and the robbers got captured. Mary was so happy that Echo warned her, he got special meals for the remainder of the week.
        The End

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hello Everybody, and welcome to my Blog! This should (somewhat) document my adventure's in my life, like stories and all of the wonderful thing in the world! (like kittens and puppies and horsies!) Anyway, here is a story.

Once upon a time there was a young man. He was sad because he could not go to the store and get icecream. He sat down upon the stairs leading up to his house and put his head on his knees. "Oh, my," he sighed. "Why won't my mother take me to the store and get icecream?" Then he got up and looked around. On the street corner there was a small puppy looking forlorn. The young man wondered, "Why is the puppy there? He wasn't there a minute ago. Is he abandoned?" So, the young man went over to the puppy. The puppy was sitting and as the young man came over he whined. "Awwwww," exclaimed the young man. He then let the puppy sniff his hand and petted him. The puppy leaned against him and begged to be picked up. The young man could not resist. He picked up the puppy and went back to his house. He came through the front door, and standing there was his mother. His mother looked upset, but then saw the puppy. "Awwwww," exclaimed his mother. The young man held the puppy out to his mother. "He wanted me to take him home." "Hmmmm," said his mother. "I don't know if we can keep him." The young man looked really sad and slowly, hunched over, walked back to the door. "Wait!" she cried. "Let's see what we can do." The young man whirled around and smiled widely. "Really?" "Yes." And thus the puppy came into their home.
         The End

I hope you like it! :D