Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Red's Troubles

Made by Theta: Theta's Art
Red, the woodpecker, was puzzled. It had been a hot summer’s day, and he was minding his own business, making a house, when an outrageous noise had come out of nowhere and drove him off.  He couldn’t understand. He hadn’t been bothering anyone. Still grumbling to himself, he landed on a tree in a park. He looked down on the paths. There were people jogging, walking their dogs, bicycling, etc.  It was busy, but he thought that because it was noisy nobody would notice if he drilled a hole in this tree for his family. So, he started drilling a hole in the tree. He was part way done when a park caretaker saw what was going on. Normally, it was okay for woodpeckers to build homes in the park trees. But that particular tree was rare and was having trouble growing in the environment. If it had too much damage it would die. So, the caretaker shooed Red away. This made Red even more upset. All he needed was a home for his family, but no one would let him build one! Squawking at the caretaker, he flew away and found a new tree in the yard of someone’s house. He started drilling incredibly quickly, so that he would be done before anyone noticed. Hearing the noise, a little boy came out of the house. He saw Red and ran back inside. He came out dragging his mother and pointing at the tree. She looked, and smiled. She and the boy went inside then came out with mealworms for Red to eat. Red watched them suspiciously as they placed them in a tray on the fence. They went back inside and watched through the window. Red completed the home for his family. He then flew down and took some of the worms to his nest to eat. He then left, and got his mate. She inspected the hole. Nodding agreeably, she went inside happy to find a gift of food. The next spring, there were three baby woodpeckers learning to fly in the yard.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Tapping

Made by Theta: Theta's Art
The sun shone brightly above Popcorn’s house. Popcorn was a small, butter-colored terrier with a love for chasing pigeons. This particular afternoon was a slow one. It was a very hot summer’s day, and nothing had been going on. There had been no birds to chase, as it was too searing hot for them. As Popcorn lay in his doghouse, on the verge of napping, he heard a “tap,” “tap,” “tap.” His ears perked up and he lifted his head. What was it? The tapping continued. Popcorn was confused. He struggled to his feet and peeked around the corner of the doghouse. Nothing was there. He looked around the other corner. Nothing. Cautiously, as the tapping continued, he stole out of his house. He examined the tree next to him. He couldn’t see anything. He looked up, again nothing. By this time, Popcorn was perplexed. He could not see the thing that was making the noise. He barked, twice, and quite loudly. The tapping paused, then resumed again. Popcorn then started barking madly. This thing would not stop tapping, and it was driving him crazy! The woodpecker, the bird making all that noise on the other side of the tree, flew off. Popcorn watched it, bewildered. He hadn’t seen it, nor smelled it. But now that the tapping stopped, he was satisfied with himself and curled up in his house again, to resume his nap.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Linda the Dragon

         "Grandma, who is this a painting of?" "That, my dear, is a painting of your great grandmother. It was made before she married." "Oh. Can you tell me that story?" "Yes, I can, my child."

 Theta's Art
Made by Theta: Theta's Art
           Linda was very distressed. Today was the day she got her painting done for her betrothed. She had never seen him before and hoped that the painting the artist made was beautiful. She did not think she was particularly pretty, but many leaf dragons said she was. If her betrothed did not like the painting of her he could call off the wedding. Her family needed this, as they had many young ones to feed, and no room for her. The painter came. He looked her up and down. "Humph," he sniffed. "Let me see what I can do." Linda trembled. She had never had her picture done before. "Please, please, let it be good," she begged to the painter. He just looked at her and motioned where to go. She went in front of the background and hovered still.
           The painting took 3 days to complete. For Linda, they were the most boring days of her life. She went and hovered for long hours. Finally, it was ready to send. Her family sent it off and waited anxiously for a reply. Four weeks later, her betrothed family replied. "Looks good. The wedding shall be on the 14th of this month, yes? We will be there on the 12th." By the time they got this, it was already the 10th. Her mother panicked. "How will we be ready in time?" she wailed. Linda's father looked her right in the eyes and said, "We can do it. Have everyone help." The family started to prepare.
          When the 12th arrived, they were barely ready for Bob's, her betrothed, family. Bob's mother looked at the house. "Well, I suppose it could be worse," she sniffed. "Where's the girl?" Linda came out from behind her mother. "Hello new mother." "You can call me mother. Once you and Bob are wed I will be. You can have two mother's for the present." "Yes, Madame."
          The wedding quickly approached. As Linda came up the aisle, she looked at Bob. He looked handsome in his wedding bow tie. He did not look scared at all. However, Linda trembled. She thought, "This is the happiest day of my life, Bob is super sweet, but I'm going to be leaving everything behind!" The union between them seemed to take only a few minutes. Then, she and Bob sailed down the aisle. "We can go home now," he whispered; the longest senten
ce she had heard from him. "Yes, we can." And they went to the home Bob had built for them. "Our home."
            "And that is the story, Bob the third." "Grand'ma?" "Yes?" "I'm glad they married. Otherwise I wouldn't be here." "Yes, they truly did great things in their time."

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stories with Pictures??!!?!?!?

Thanks to my mother,, she has allowed me to use some of her pictures to base my stories off of. (YAY!) So, hopefully I will be able to make some with at least one picture per story. Also, I would like to note that I have not been the most consistent person so far with posting, but I hope to become better at it. :D