Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Tapping

Made by Theta: Theta's Art
The sun shone brightly above Popcorn’s house. Popcorn was a small, butter-colored terrier with a love for chasing pigeons. This particular afternoon was a slow one. It was a very hot summer’s day, and nothing had been going on. There had been no birds to chase, as it was too searing hot for them. As Popcorn lay in his doghouse, on the verge of napping, he heard a “tap,” “tap,” “tap.” His ears perked up and he lifted his head. What was it? The tapping continued. Popcorn was confused. He struggled to his feet and peeked around the corner of the doghouse. Nothing was there. He looked around the other corner. Nothing. Cautiously, as the tapping continued, he stole out of his house. He examined the tree next to him. He couldn’t see anything. He looked up, again nothing. By this time, Popcorn was perplexed. He could not see the thing that was making the noise. He barked, twice, and quite loudly. The tapping paused, then resumed again. Popcorn then started barking madly. This thing would not stop tapping, and it was driving him crazy! The woodpecker, the bird making all that noise on the other side of the tree, flew off. Popcorn watched it, bewildered. He hadn’t seen it, nor smelled it. But now that the tapping stopped, he was satisfied with himself and curled up in his house again, to resume his nap.

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