Friday, July 11, 2014

San Francisco, USA (Airport; July 5, 2014)

Made by Theta: Theta's Art
Welp, I made it to the San Francisco airport, and have been there for some time. Obviously, I missed my flight to Redding. To make it worse, all the flights to Redding for the 5th (late this day) were full, so I had the option to fly standby. So, I called the parents to ask them about it, and they said that was a very bad idea. With more tears we finally got it worked out and I was going to fly to Chico on the 5th. I am going to fly to Chico at 11:30AM. Once I get there I will need to make a claim for my luggage so I get it back. Hopefully it will not be an issue, but as of my trip right now, it will be. :| At least then, I will be with my grandma! :D It was super chilly in this airport, I'm so glad I had my brother's jacket. It is super comfortable!!! Although, I really smell funny. You don't wear the same clothes for day without picking up some scents! For breakfast (around 5AM) I had the most delicious brie and pastrami sandwich from an Italian pastry shop in the South food court in the airport. The internet here is free, and fast! The only drawback is that you have to reconnect every 2 hours. Anyway, during the wait until 9, when I could head towards my gate, I just finished season 8 of The Office, it was okay I guess. other than that, it was really boring. I did not sleep because I thought that would be weird. :) Getting through the security to the gate was super easy and efficient. Finding the gate was just as easy. So, I sat at the gate, read a book (one by Mercedes Lackey). The plane arrived and left on time without any problems. The plane a a tiny prop plane, and I love those. They are really comfortable. We took off into the air and whoosh! We were off!

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