Saturday, July 12, 2014

Redding, USA (July 2014)

Made by Theta: Theta's Art
Yay! I have made it to my final destination! Once I got off the plane, my grandmother was right there and, yay, etc. We went to the help desk and asked about my luggage, and the very nice guy helped us out and said they would be on the look out, and we should get it eventually. So it was with some great relief we go in the car to go home. However, because I had no clothes we had to stop on the way to get some. We did that, and made it back. A few days later my luggage arrived, and that was that!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tale of my trip, hopefully it wasn't too dry. Please leave a comment about what you think, and next week I will be back with a new story!


  1. Well, you could have elaborated a bit on this last part and make sure someone checks your spelling ;)

    I enjoyed reading about your trip in retrospect, it was quite hair-raising during your adventure.