Sunday, February 1, 2015

"Don't Eat the Flowers!"

It was a normal day at the farm. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Moe felt very good about himself. Six months had passed since his swim in the pond, and he had forgotten all about it. He looked around. An ewe next to him shifted and baed softly to herself. Most of the herd was napping, and the rest was slowly chewing the cud. Moe shifted restlessly. He was bored and napping just wasn't exciting enough. Getting up stiffly, Moe started wandering over to the farmhouse. The farmhouse was a pretty picture in the sunshine. It was red brick and had a beautiful flower garden surrounding it. Around the garden, there was a white picket fence. The tulips had just come into bloom and Mrs. Farmer was particularly fond of her tulips.

Made by Theta: Theta's Art
Snorting to himself, he stared at the tulips. They were in all sorts of bright, tantalizing colors, just begging to be eaten. Moe thought, "I wonder what would happen if I ate the tulips? They look delicious, I bet nothing would happen if I ate them, except they would be a wonderful snack." So, lumbering through the fence, he went for the tulips. "Om, om, om," he chomped on the blooms. As he was just starting to enjoy the unique, strange, slightly bitter flavor, Mrs. Farmer came running out of the house. "Stop! you silly animal! My tulips!!!" She chased after Moe. "Ack!" he thought. "She is super scary. Oooooh, I feel ill..." As he thought this, he started to slow down and wobbled on his legs. the last thing he saw was Mr. Farmer running up and asking what Moe had eaten.

Slowly the haze lifted. "Bleh!" Moe said. The vet sighed in relief. Tulips are poisonous to sheep, and he and Mr. Farmer (not to mention Moe) were glad to see that he had survived. However, Moe never realized that it was the tulips had made him sick. He thought that is was Mrs. Farmer, and from that point on, he avoided her. She, meanwhile, strengthened the fence so that he nor any other sheep could break through it again.

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