Monday, August 4, 2014

The Fateful Swim

So here is my next story. I apologize that it has been over half a month since I last posted. I've been busy, and getting a picture was problematic. My mother, Theta was very sick, so was not able to draw anything for me. Since I like having at least one image, I delayed to post this. So sorry! I hopefully will be able to get back on track, but I will be starting school at the end of this month, so I will just try to do my best!

 Theta's Art
Made by Theta: Theta's Art
"Chomp. chomp." Moe stood in his pasture with his flock eating grass, as usual. He was standing around, when suddenly, a thought occurred to him. Was this all to life? Just standing around and eating grass? Moe did not know what life should be about, but in that moment, he decided life is not about eating. He looked up and at his flock. "Group meeting!" he bellowed. Complying meekly, the flock milled around him. They all looked at him. "What?" "What?" they murmured quietly. "Fellow Flockians! This is not all to life! We need to go forth and have some fun! Maybe cliff diving? Any thoughts or ideas?" This caused some surprise and discontent among the flock; it particularly did not sit well with the elders. "Why should we do anything?" one old ewe asked. "We have been doing this stuff for generations, there is no need to stop." Nodding with agreement, the flock turned to go back to eating. "No! Wait! This is wrong! We should go out and learn an instrument! Or go out beyond the fence and explore!" "Moe, we have hooves." explained his best friend Spring. "There is no way we could learn an instrument. And exploring! I have never heard of such a thing! We could get eaten by wolves! No, I am not going to join you." Desolated, Moe turned away. "Humph. I'll show them. I will go do something fun, then they will all be jealous!" He thought to himself. So off he went.

Near the farmhouse, there was a swimming pool. "Yes!" he thought, "the farmer kids have fun here, I can too!" He jumped into the pool. Splash! Waves cascaded out of the pool. "Blub, blub." Moe could not figure out how to swim, and started to drown. He panicked, then he heard the farmer say, "Darn things. What are they doing now. Humph, he's getting himself killed." The farmer then got into the pool and pushed Moe towards the shallow end. Then he lifted him out of the pool. Moe rested at the side a moment, then shook himself and lumbered off. "Well, that was a very stupid idea. I almost died!" he moaned to himself. He went back to the field sopping wet. "Hmph!" the old ewe sniffed. "I told you so." Moe didn't even reply. He went to lay in the sun and get dry. "Well, Moe. I hope you don't do anymore crazy things. None of us would be happy if you did accidentally kill yourself." Spring comforted him. "Ugggggg, I feel terrible." Moe replied. "I don't think I will do that again." And you know what? He may have done other stupid things, but he never tried to go swimming again.


  1. Thanks for sharing a new story. I laughed at the end and I hope there will be more installments about Moe and his escapades. It's good to have friends like Spring :)

  2. Funny to think of a hill "billy" style band….